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    • In-game name: Goblinslayer Play-time: 6 Days 1 Hour on Goblinslayer / 7 Days 9 Hours on in4war Date Registered: About 25th November 2018 Age: 26 IRL Name: Joey. Why would you like to be a Server Support?: I enjoy this server a lot, not many i have played i enjoy this much. I personally want to see this server grow bigger and want to help you's achieve that goal by helping as many new players who come threw as much as i possibly can, in hopes that they would like to stay around. Any additional information: Not a big fan of goblins, got a goblin problem let me know.
    • Hey guys, so as you know I have decided to move to a new host, this has all now been configured and ready to host Galaxy off of it. You must download the new client to play as the old client will no longer let you login so it's extremely important to download it NOW! If you have any friends/family that also play the server please be sure to update them on the situation so they can download the new client and play as well! Please download the New Client here; http://galaxy-ps.com/GalaxyV4.jar
    • Please use the following format when you apply, thank you!   In-game name: Play-time: Date Registered: (Approximate is okay) Age: IRL Name: (Optional) Why would you like to be a Server Support?: Any additional information:   In the next couple weeks we will be choosing one or possibly two applicants to put on trial.  
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